Frequently Asked Questions

Who We Work With

  • Do you work with companies of any size?
    We normally help small to medium sized companies with between 5 and 75 computers. All our clients receive the same first class service, regardless of their size.
  • What areas do you cover? 
    Our central Lancashire location enables us to respond to problems quickly for companies across the North-West.

Expert Advice

  • We know we need a new system but we don't know where to start. Can you advise us?
    We offer specialist consultancy advice to take away the worry and confusion, so you can be confident that you are investing wisely, in a system that will benefit the performance of your business. Using our experience of business and the IT industry, we design a network to specifically meet your needs. This will normally be based on Microsoft Windows based platform.
  • Our current IT system is slow and our PC's regularly crash? Can you provide us with a more efficient system?
    We can take away your frustration. We will assess your needs during a free, thorough consultation and design an office IT system to specifically meet your needs. We are experts in matching the available technology to you requirements. Our support guarantees immediate help is at hand if ever a problem arises.
  • Could a better IT system reduce our costs?
    A system specifically designed to meet your needs will help to streamline the performance of your business. Significant efficiency benefits can be gained in terms of productivity, time and reduced staffing costs. Our pro-active support and maintenance will ensure your system is reliable, thereby minimizing the risk of IT problems occurring, which could impede your business.
  • Will a new network have the flexibility to expand and support the growth of our business?
    Our standard approach involves assessing your current situation and plans for the future, to ensure your investment is cost effective. A solution based on Microsoft Platform lays the foundations for further growth, as additional computer and components can easily be added. If growth is likely to be fast, we will recommend a more powerful system accordingly.Network Solutions
  • Can we purchase hardware and software from you without installation and support?
    Our service is all inclusive only, because customer service and satisfaction is important to us. However you can appoint us only for your Annual Maintenance.
  • We are constantly bombarded by "junk" Emails. Can you reduce the amount of SPAM we receive?
    Yes. We offer SPAM filtering with all of our systems and experiences.
  • The security of our data is a worry for us? Can you help to protect us from viruses?
    Yes. We can provide you good Anti virus software and it is a standard feature of our network support, to ensure your system continues to run quickly and efficiently.
  • Can you host our .com, .net and .org domain names? 
    Yes, we offer domain name hosting facilities. We can set these up for you or organize and manage the transfer from another supplier.

Network Support

  • Is there a limit on the number of times we can call you?
    No, you can ring us whenever you need to, however big or small the problem.
  • Will we need any technical knowledge when we call you for assistance?
    We sympathize with your frustration and our friendly, knowledgeable engineers will give you straight forward, plain English/Bengali instructions. We pride ourselves on being a company that you can talk to.
  • Is there a limit on the number of on site engineer visits we are entitled to?
    An engineer is always available to attend your premises if you face any problem related to computer network.
  • Is there a call out charge for your support?
    Our comprehensive support and maintenance contract covers all call out, travel, parts and labour (subject to terms & conditions). Our fixed cost enables you to budget accurately for your IT needs.
  • How experienced are your engineers?
    Our patient engineers are professionally trained and their extensive knowledge, skills and experience equip them to meet all the demands of your computer system quickly and efficiently.
  • Do you only check our system when a problem occurs? 
    No. We take a pro-active approach to maintaining your system, to keep it running at optimum performance. We aim to reduce the likelihood of problems developing, via regular on-site checking of your network.

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