Networking Services

Networking at it's best. You just started a business, or you have had one for awhile, and you just got to the point you need to be able to talk from computer to computer without having to email everything back and forth. Or maybe, you have a network, but it's running slow and you want to upgrade it and make it go faster. Maybe you went from having 10 computers to having 30, and now you don't have enough ports to hook them up to.

Don't worry, whatever your problem is, A.D. Systems can handle it. We specialize in the areas of:

Network Installation (You need to have cables and hardware installed for a network)

Network Upgrades (You have a Network, but it is way to slow and you need more speed)

Network Troubleshooting (Your computer no longer can reach the internet or another computer)

Network Additions (You just added 20 more computers and need help getting them talking)

Network Cabling Arrangement (Ok, so you hired an IT guy to come install a network, but the cables look like a rats nest, or he left them coming out of the ceiling)

Network Merging (You just gained the other side of the building, but need the networks to talk to each other)
Every time you come across an issue with your network, it slows down the productivity of the office. Maybe due to much of your business being electronic, or maybe because you had to drag the guy good with printers over to figure it out, and he has been banging his head against the wall for the past hour trying to figure it out. Don't let issues on your network consume you, give us a buzz and we will come and fix it then be on our way so you can get what you need done without having to worry any more.

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