Software Services

A.D. Systems can offer you many different services in case your software stops working, or needs to be upgraded, or maybe you just got the brand spanking new version of that old dinosaur program that you've been wanting to replace since you started. Take a look at just a few of the things we can do:

Operating System Installation and Troubleshooting (Upgrades too)

Malware and Anti-Virus Software Install and Troubleshooting (Everybody need's protection)

Virus and Malware Removal (Somebody clicked a link they shouldn't have and now files are disappearing off your computer)

Driver Installation and Troubleshooting (OOH Boy, new camera! Why won't it talk to my computer?)

Application Installs (Microsoft Office, Office Communicator, Quicken, Firefox, that sort of stuff)

Good Free and Low Cost Software Recommendations (when you need software for a particular job, and you know you can't afford the $600 program everyone else is using, but you still need good quality)

If your computer has started slowing down and is no longer acting like it should, we can come and take a look at it to see if it is some weird virus on your system, or maybe your programs aren't working like they are supposed to and are a lot slower than they should be. If it is a Software related problem, we will fix it, or if it turns out your system is due for an upgrade, we can make the recommendations. After all, programs these days are using up more and more resources on your computer (more Memory, Hard Disk space, and Processor Power) so maybe you need to upgrade your system to handle that new software you bought.

In the world of applications, there is a realm called Open Source. Open Source programs are free or low cost. Many of the programs you have become used to also have Open Source versions that do the exact same thing. They might not have the same flash you are used to, but they do the same job. If you need to buy 20 copies of a software package, but can't afford to, we can suggest good reliable Open Source alternatives for you.

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